An Unbelievable Experience……

……once in a lifetime we get to experience something that changes our perspective on life forever. Last week I was fortunate enough to spend a week on a Seabird Drawing Course on the Firth of Forth. Because I was there for a week I’m going to break it down in to daily events and do a few posts

First day was travelling up to Scotland and delivering some pictures to a gallery. Stayed at a lovely B & B which I can heartily recommend, Aberlady Mains House and was treated to afternoon tea on the lawn

Aberlady Mains House

Afternoon Tea on a beautiful summers day

Next day the course started in earnest and we were off to Dunbar to sketch and paint kittiwakes. The weather was a bit mixed, couple of squally showers but the soon blew over and when the sun came out it was really hot. The haunting sound of the kittiwakes filled the air as we worked. Took me a while to relax and get in to my drawings, I’ve never drawn or painted kittiwakes before they look like gulls but are nothing like them really when you study them close up. Lovely also just to watch them feeding their chicks and sometimes to hanging in the air above the nesting site which is an old castle ruin.

Kittiwakes. Dunbar

Artists and tutors at Dunbar

Kittiwakes, watercolour painting

Watercolour painting, unusual for me

Kittiwakes, Dunbar

Kittiwakes on their nests

I had a wonderful day with the Kittiwakes and the week just got better and better.

The next day we were going out to Bass Rock to be with the gannets. I shall save that for the next post.


The great outdoors…..

…the joys of plein air!

I’ve been trying to get out and paint more instead of being in the studio. The weather hasn’t  been that kind to me but I’ve got out when both the weather and time has allowed. Hope to do more through the summer. I do feel it has made a huge difference to the way I paint.

So these are some examples of my excursions in to the beautiful Lancashire countryside and the finished pictures. I’ve tried not to mess with them too much once they are back in the studio as I don’t want to lose that spontaneity or, even worse, over work them.

River Ribble, Ribchester, plein air

The River Ribble at Ribchester

They had promised a day of sunshine but it didn’t materialise until quite late in the afternoon by which time I’d finished this piece. I did wander along the river with my sketchbook looking for future locations and made the most of the sun.

River Ribble, Ribchester

River Ribble at Ribchester

This is the finished artwork. I didn’t do that much more once I got it back to the studio, I felt I’d captured the mood and the moment and I didn’t want to lose that.

Inn at Whitewell, Trough of Bowland

On the river near the Inn at Whitewell

The next planned day out the sun did shine. It was a glorious day, at home it was 25º, up in the Trough of Bowland it was a little cooler and breezier. Always worth remembering when you go plein air painting to pack a few extra layers.

Inn at Whitewell, Trough of Bowland

Inn at Whitewell

The Inn at Whitewell is one of my favourite places to eat. Not only is the food great the views out over Bowland are superb. If it’s a sunny day you need to get there really early if you want a table.

Regrettably I didn’t dine in the Inn, this was a working day. I did head up to Dunsop Bridge and ate my lunch in the sunshine sitting at the side of the river.

Dunsop Bridge, River Hodder, Trough of Bowland

plein air painting at Dunsop Bridge

After lunch I walked along the river to see what might be a suitable spot to set up. Although there is a bridge the only view of it is if you stand in the middle of the river. But my eye was caught by the dappled sunlight coming through the trees on to the rocks. Although my painting looks a lot darker than the view behind it is actually very true to what I could see. There camera doesn’t see things the way do and it over exposed the trees because I was stood in shadow. A good example of why you shouldn’t rely on photos though.

Dunsop Bridge, River Hodder

River Hodder at Dunsop Bridge

The river that runs through Dunsop meanders through the Trough of Bowland down past the Inn at Whitewell. There are so many views to paint out here I shall be making the most of any sunny days through the summer. Plenty of time in the long winter months to be in the studio. These pieces were all completed in pastel but I hope to be doing some oils next time I’m out. More challenging for me but then “if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got!” Don’t know where the quote came from but it’s very true!

The West Country calls

…I feel the call of the waves!!

Haven’t been down to the West Country since a visit to Cornwall in 2012. There is a part of me that will always live down there and I’m longing to go back. But there are only so many months in the year and those that are left for the rest of the year are looking pretty booked up! So I sorted through some of my reference and painted a couple of little studies.

Salcombe, Devon, Kingsbridge Esturay

Salcombe 8″ x 8″ Pastel

This is a view looking back to Salcombe from one of my favourite beaches on the Kingsbridge Estuary, Mill Bay. I used to live just up the road at East Prawle so this was one of my favourite walks with the dogs. I used to park up the road near the Gara Rock and walk down through the fields. Ahh! Memories!!

Frogmore Creek, Kingsbridge Estuary, Devon

Frogmore Creek 8″ x 8″ pastel

Another favourite dog walk was along the Estuary at Frogmore Creek, when the tide was out of course. Early morning was my favourite time as it was fantastic light and not many people about.

Both of these pieces are available to purchase on my website

#Devon #beaches #art

Beautiful St Ives!

I sometimes feel that whilst I live in Lancashire there is a part of me that will always be in the West Country. When I visit, which isn’t often enough, I feel as if I’m “home”

The winter seems to be dragging on and although I managed to get out last week I’m impatient for Spring, and even better, Summer!

So I decided to bring a bit of the West Country and Summer in to the studio and brighten my day, hope it brightens yours too! This is a popular viewpoint in St Ives and I hope to be back there painting very soon.

st ives, cornwall

       Original pastel painting 9″ x 12″

#stives #cornwall #westcountry

Bright and breezy…

…..and very cold!

Still, it was great to get out and do some painting yesterday. The sun shone, thought there were some interesting clouds as well. Perfect!


                 Plein air at Lytham

This was as far as I got before everything started to freeze up. Finished it in the studio this morning. Hoping for some more sunny days

Lytham St Annes, Lytham

            Finished pastel 10″ x 10″

And there’s more!!!

Here we go with another opportunity to bag a bargain!



“Tranquility” original unframed pastel 13″ x 13″ £95

original wendy corbett pastel

A Perfect Peace

“A Perfect Peace” original unframed pastel 13″ x 13″ £95

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Continuing on…

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Charcoal, black & white


Sunshimmers is an original framed charcoal 17″ x 15″. Price £195


Sunshimmers Framed

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